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BioCannDo online portal AllThings.Bio

BioCannDo aimed to increase awareness of bio-based products – products partly or wholly made of biomass –  and informed about potential and long-term benefits of a vibrant bioeconomy sector to the wider public. It also offered a platform for feedback, interaction and engagement in the wider discussion on the value of a bio-based economy.

The BioCannDo online portal and information hub contains the legacy of the BioCannDo project. It aggregates the different social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) used and communication formats/tools developed (including journalistic articles, web videos, storytelling resources, popular science quizzes, “facts or myths” and problem solving posts, et cetera).

Also provides access to four factsheets with Key Messages and four interactive storytelling kits. The sets contain in both cases a generic introduction and three product-specific items (addressing bio-based cleaning products, insulation materials & food packaging).

Power4Bio – Recommendations for the use of existing tools when developing bioeconomy strategies

Power4Bio aims at empowering regional stakeholders to boost the transition towards bioeconomy regions in Europe by providing them with the necessary tools, instruments and guidance to develop and implement sound sustainable bioeconomy strategies.

ThePower4Bio report Recommendations for the use of existing tools when developing bioeconomy strategies presents (in fact sheets) an inventory of most interesting tools for supporting the analysis of the different aspects of a regional bioeconomy. The tool evaluation focussed on the content (data) and the user interaction aspects. The report makes recommendations on further use of the tools by the regional stakeholders involved in the project.

A gross list of 26 tools were reviewed in a quick evaluation. For 10 tools fact sheets were developed that are meant to support users to guide them towards the right tools for their information needs and to facilitate the use of the tools. Another 10 tools were selected to further inspire the design of the Bioregional Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT).