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Public perception of bio-based products – societal needs and concerns

A EU-wide online survey was carried out with the aim of collecting data about the public perception of bio-based products in order to assist BIOWAYS partners in fine-tuning the project’s communication strategy and to help with the development and improvement of recommendations and best practices with relevant information. 

Bio-Art Gallery

This Bio Art Gallery panels have been designed  to make the bioeconomy and its applications known to the general public in everyday life. The panels have been designed in collaboration with the BIOVOICES and Biobridges projects and have been produced in different forms and for different supports.

Download the 16 panels in high resolution (204 MB)

Download the 16 panels in low resolution (21 MB)

    The bioeconomy in our everyday lives – BIOWAYS video

    Bio-based products are already part of our everyday lives. Join Peter and Sarah in this video show some fascinating facts about the bioeconomy as well as about what BIOWAYS is doing to raise awareness about the benefits of using bio-based products.

    Follow this link for versions translated in different languages.

    Bio Whaaat? AR version

    This version of the Bio…What? game is a location-based augmented reality game about the bioeconomy that brings to the mobile screen the raw materials it is possible to use to create products for everyday life. The game has been developed for children with the aim of raising awareness of the bioeconomy amongst the younger generation by stimulating their curiosity and delivering information and content about bio-based products.

    The game has been used at the Bioeconomy Village, an exciting area for the general public designed to showcase the bioeconomy and organized by the BIOWAYS consortium. The area gave researchers and industry a platform to demonstrate and promote bio-based products and was part of the Maker Faire exhibition that took place in Rome from the 1st to the 3rd of December 2017. Visitors to this area who played the game were asked to find raw materials that were hidden in the Bioeconomy Village, being careful not to drop them, and then throw them into a relevant container to discover more about the world of the bioeconomy.

    If you want to use Bio Whaat? game at you event, contact us at info@bioways.eu
    Download it from the Play Store


      Bio…What? is an online game to raise young generations’ awareness on Bioeconomy, stimulating curiosity and delivering information and content about Bio-based Products. Through the game the player will discover how different raw materials and feed-stocks can be used to produce everyday use objects and products: like furniture, Food packaging & bags, disposals for catering, vehicle tires, toys, textile products, office supplies, etc… The game play is very engaging and active, taking inspiration from the Mario Bros game.

      Based on the number of correct answers and ability in avoiding the traps and fossil-based obstacles, the player will get a score, shareable on Facebook to increase viral dissemination of the game.

      Play the game here!