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BIOLINX Legacy Document

BioLinX supported participants in FP7 and H2020 bioeconomy related projects in commercializing their innovative ideas and connects them to markets and regional networks.

Via its Linking & Support Programme, innovation owners were given targeted assistance. This could take the form of training, for instance in venture capital pitching, or help in drawing up a business plan. Sometimes, this meant opening a door to the right funder, either public or private. BioLinX also established connections to new potential partners and provided databases on intellectual property and online brokerage.  The BIOLINX Legacy Document aims to inform European bioeconomy clusters and projects of the analysis performed by BioLinX, so they can, to their own discretion, put BioLinXs’ efforts to use in their respective journeys in contributing towards a flourishing European bioeconomy.

This legacy document contains potential opportunities in matching selected FP7 / H2020 activities with current needs / opportunities within 12 key bioeconomy regions throughout Europe.


AlpBioEco – Overview and Replicable Roadmap of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay value chains

The Interreg Alpine Space project Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space (in short: AlpBioEco) aims to foster the sustainability of the local economy in the Alpine Space by the valorisation of innovative bioeconomical potentials, focusing on bio-based food and botanical extract value chains.  Especially apple pomace, walnut press cakes and herbal extract by-products are valuable leftovers from for new bioeconomic applications. AlpBioEco contributes to the framework conditions for innovation, resulting in eco-innovative business ideas and concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Alpine region.

The AlpBioEco report Results and Replicable Roadmap gives an initial overview over the examined three value chains of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay. It entails a “replicable” roadmap for the analysis of bio-based value chains that can shall be a standardised guide to analyse value chains with bioeconomic aspects and potentials in regions like the Alpine Space.

BIOVOICES methodological approach for Mobilization and Mutual Learning (MML)

This document provides guidance on how to design Mobilisation and Mutual Learning events that are informed by validated challenges identified by BIOVOICES to co-create actionable, acceptable and responsible outcomes that support the uptake of innovative boil-based solutions.