AlpBioEco – Overview and Replicable Roadmap of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay value chains

The Interreg Alpine Space project Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space (in short: AlpBioEco) aims to foster the sustainability of the local economy in the Alpine Space by the valorisation of innovative bioeconomical potentials, focusing on bio-based food and botanical extract value chains.  Especially apple pomace, walnut press cakes and herbal extract by-products are valuable leftovers from for new bioeconomic applications. AlpBioEco contributes to the framework conditions for innovation, resulting in eco-innovative business ideas and concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Alpine region.

The AlpBioEco report Results and Replicable Roadmap gives an initial overview over the examined three value chains of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay. It entails a “replicable” roadmap for the analysis of bio-based value chains that can shall be a standardised guide to analyse value chains with bioeconomic aspects and potentials in regions like the Alpine Space.