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BIOWAYS – Increase public awareness of bio-based products and applications supporting the growth of the European bioeconomy

BIOWAYS – Increase public awareness of bio-based products and applications supporting the growth of the European bioeconomy

Despite significant economic investment and dedicated research in the bio-based domain, public awareness of the potential benefits of bio-based products and applications is still relatively low.
The need to raise awareness of this potential and promote the benefits of these products and applications is clear. We also need to provide the means for anyone with an interest in this domain to be able to follow ongoing developments in the industry and from research.

The Bioways Project objectives are to:

  • understand the characteristics and potential of bio-based products and applications;
  • to enhance the visibility of bio-based products and applications;
  • to encourage discussion about the potential of the bio-based economy for society and contribute to awareness of it and its promotion;
  • to increase awareness and knowledge of how bio-based products are used and the overall interest of young students in the bio-based economy at large.

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  • Duration
    From: 2016-10-01
    To: 2018-09-30
  • Overall Budget
    965 750 €
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60″ science – Video Playlist
Researcher presenting the bio-based research activity. Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdeWiw_Fn02iww8VyR6FfBw/playlists
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Applications’ factsheets
57 factsheets of the most up-to-date research in all different fields of the bioeconomy. Image gallery: Document: Factsheets_Application_Areas
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BIO Challenge
BIO CHALLENGE is an exciting game-quiz that will put your knowledge in bioeconomy to the test! The player will have
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Bio Whaaat? AR version
This version of the Bio…What? game is a location-based augmented reality game about the bioeconomy that brings to the mobile
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Bio-based products and applications potential
This document presents a review of the application areas and market penetration of several bio-based market segments, along with an
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Bio…What? is an online game to raise young generations’ awareness on Bioeconomy, stimulating curiosity and delivering information and content about
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BIOES game
The BIOES games, developed by BIOVOICES and BIOWAYS projects in collaboration with the European Commission DG Research & Innovation F1,
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Bioways’ factsheets
8 factsheets on Biolubricants, Bio-economy and Bio-based products, Biosurfactants, Biochemicals, Biofuels, Bioenergy, Food Ingredients and Feed and Bio-based Plastics Image
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Educational multimedia presentations
Educational presentations about bioeconomy, bioenergy, biofuel, biolubricants, bioplastic, biorefineries and biosurfactants. Document: Educational_multimedia_presentations
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Final monitoring report
The report outlines recommendations and best practices for future dissemination and communication initiatives at both European (e.g. projects within H2020)
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Public perception of bio-based products – societal needs and concerns
A EU-wide online survey was carried out with the aim of collecting data about the public perception of bio-based products
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The bioeconomy in our everyday lives – BIOWAYS video
Bio-based products are already part of our everyday lives. Join Peter and Sarah in this video show some fascinating facts
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