Guide of best practices for cooperation between academia and industry based on success cases

Recommendations of good practices included in each chapter are briefly explain and record in cards showing examples of specific known cases where particular recommendation has been put in practice and also visual information about expected impact of the recommendation on the enhancement of University & Industry Cooperation, difficulty, costs, as well as personnel needs for its implementation and, estimated time for executing each practice. Agents necessary for its implementation are also indicated, in order provide easy access to companies, research groups and other innovation stakeholders a potential tailored action plan of implementation for designing a path of collaboration between the Industry and the scientific world.

UrBIOfuture webinar 2 : Educational gaps and skills mismatch in the European Bioeconomy

The webinar ‘Educational gaps and skills mismatch in the European Bioeconomy’ was held on January 22nd, from 11:00 to 12:00 CET. It was coordinated by SIE and all the partners contributed with feedback and/or content. It was targeted to anyone interested in learning what the Bioeconomy is and what are the main gaps in the educational programmes related to Bioeconomy in Europe. The aim was to provide attendees with the opportunity to have an overview and hints on the importance of the European bioeconomy in our daily lives, the skills mismatch in the bioeconomy field, as well as to facilitate questions and active discussion.

Comprehensive map of completed and ongoing programmes addressing curricula in the bio-based sector

Deliverable about the identification of educational programmes addressing curricula related to the biobased industries.

This report is the result of the study carried out by the UrBIOfuture consortium to provide a map of completed and ongoing programmes  addressing curricula that involve bio-based activities will be developed in a wide range of educational levels and covering a wide geographical scope in the EU.

Deliverable 2.1. Bio-based stakeholders completed and classified list

Establishment of a network of stakeholders in the biobased industry sector where all participant had put an input.
Main activities were dedicated to unlock the full potential of European bio-based industries, by contact with the Industry Expert Group (IEG) set-up by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), as the main representatives of the bio-based industry among the UrBIOfuture Working Group.