Building the bioeconomy – creating impact through communication

The seeds of the CommNet network were sown in 2005 when a number of those involved in the dissemination of Framework 6-funded projects in food-related areas formed an informal network to discuss their activities and share best practice. The network tried to deal with many of the challenges faced by those aiming to get the results of EU research out to relevant stakeholders.

As the value of such a network in helping to support communicators was recognised, the CommFABnet project began in 2012 to continue the CommNet network, broadening the reach to cover projects funded under framework programmes 6 and 7 in the KBBE (Knowledge-Based Bioeconomy) areas of food, fisheries, forestry, agriculture and biotechnology. The aim of the project was to facilitate the communication

of EU Bioeconomy research to the general public and to key target groups including: media, young people, industry and policy makers.

The CommNet network, as part of the CommFABnet project, included project members, individual members from EU-funded projects and subscribers, who received updates and newsletters after signing up on the project website

The CommNet networks have been key to the success of the CommFABnet project.

Projects in the network were offered a range of services when they joined: free communications training courses; support with communicating to the general public, to industry and policy makers and to children and young people. Further details of the activities and achievements in these areas are provided later in this report.