The BioBased Status in the Danube Region

The DanuBioValNet partners have provided an important initial overview of the state of the bioeconomy for their affiliated regions in the multi-country Danube macro region. A key initial advancement in the DanuBioValNet effort is reflected in the ability of the partners from diverse country settings to agree on the basic goals of the project and the general methodology to be pursued.

The development and sharing of the respective country reports has set the stage for more detailed examination of specific selected bio-based sectors in the region along with the associated value chains.

The report prepared for the ten selected Danube countries offers concrete observations on the current regional situation regarding the strengths and weaknesses associated with bio-based products, suppliers and markets as well as innovation opportunities and R&D competences.

The reports provides preliminary information on the regional bio-based strategies and government policies already in place and identifies certain policy gaps that can be addressed through the DanuBioValNet project.

It became obvious that only a few regions/ countries have a dedicated strategy or policy in place. However, several regions identified Bioeconomy as one of several Priority Areas under their Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3).

The participating partners benefited from group presentations and discussions at the DanuBioValNet partners meeting in Prague on March 31, 2017.

The topics covered at this meeting included dimensions and characteristics of value chains as applied to bio-based sectors of industry and manufacturing.

Emphasis was placed on the need to identify and analyse cluster initiatives and associated value chains based on their relevance, competence and potential for sustaining biobased industries in the region.