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S2Biom Integrated assessment of biomass supply chains and conversion routes

The S2Biom project supported the sustainable delivery of non-food biomass feedstock at local, regional and pan European level through developing harmonised data sets, strategies, and roadmaps at local, regional, national and pan European level for EU28, Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey. The project improved scientific evidence on the availability, cost supply, technologies and framework conditions (policy, financing, sustainability) for lignocellulosic non-food biomass by 2030.

This S2Biom report presents an integrated assessment of biomass supply chains and conversion routes, for energy as well as chemicals and materials, under different scenarios. It builds on various databases created in S2Biom and on the ECN’s RESolve Biomass model.

BioCannDo mapping of bioeconomy communication actors/initiatives

BioCannDo aimed to increase awareness of bio-based products – products partly or wholly made of biomass –  and informed about potential and long-term benefits of a vibrant bioeconomy sector to the wider public. It also offered a platform for feedback, interaction and engagement in the wider discussion on the value of a bio-based economy.

BioCannDo developed and updated a map of bioeconomy communication actors/initiatives, as well as selected materials developed by these actors. These can be accessed at respectively: