Insights on the Road to Innovation – Maximising researcher impact through communications and business support

The focus of the CommBeBiz H2020 project and its actions has been the researcher working within the Bioeconomy. This is because the ‘Big Idea’ that is the Bioeconomy needs confident and capable ambassadors who can speak with conviction and passion to society and interested stakeholders, backed up by the ‘evidence’ and experience that only the researcher and their authentic voice can bring.

CommBeBiz’s key conclusion is that the organisations that surround the research community – the ‘Ecosystem’ – must consider how best to support and ‘future-proof’ this central resource in order to bring the Bioeconomy to fruition. Researchers themselves must also arm themselves with the skills required to deliver the research impact that is now required of them.

CommBeBiz’s BeBizBlueprint presents the project’s key messages for the ‘Ecosystem’ together with the key learnings accumulated throughout the three years of its funded period.