BE-Rural Briefing paper: Knowledge exchange and capacity building for the bioeconomy in rural areas

BE-Rural aims to realise the potential of regional and local bio-based economies by supporting relevant actors in the participatory development of bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps.

To prepare and guide activities in the BE-Rural target regions this briefing paper discusses the following three elements:

  • Definitions and rationales for knowledge exchange and capacity building
  • Existing approaches to knowledge exchange and capacity building, notably: (i) national and regional bioeconomy strategy-building processes, (ii) the EU’s Smart Specialisation Strategy approach, and (iii) the U Rural Development Policy
  • Good practice examples (case studies) of knowledge exchange and capacity building in rural bioeconomy strategies in five European regions (Baden-Württemberg in Germany, Catalonia in Spain, Oulu in Finland, Scotland in the United Kingdom and Tajo-Salor-Almonte in Spain).