BERST database of instruments & measures facilitating bioeconomy development in regions

The aim of the BERST project was to gain understanding of the possibilities and challenges related to the enhancement of bio-based economies. BERST outcomes are accessible through two catalogues, hosted by VITO and by WUR respectively. The catalogues can be useful for a wide variety of stakeholders, from regional policy makers over local entrepreneurs to profit and non-profit organisations.

 The BERST database (catalogue) @ VITO provides detailed information on instruments and measures facilitating bioeconomy development in regions throughout Europe.  For each instrument & measure information is provided on:

  • A set of descriptive Criteria such as; the targeted region(s), the goal, a short description, contact information, the sector targeted,…
  • To which extent the Instrument & Measures helps realising (one or more of) the objectives relevant for the deployment of a regional bioeconomy.

In addition, the catalogue contains:

  • Case studies providing in-depth regional bioeconomy profiles for seven BERST regions
  • Four good practice examples of regions containing one or more successful bioeconomy clusters.