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Power4Bio – Key performance indicators to evaluate regional bioeconomies

Power4Bio aims at empowering regional stakeholders to boost the transition towards bioeconomy regions in Europe by providing them with the necessary tools, instruments and guidance to develop and implement sound sustainable bioeconomy strategies.

The Power4Bio report  Key performance indicators to evaluate regional bioeconomies aims to identify and compile consistent factors, features and key performance indicators (KPI) for the short and medium-term bioeconomy potential assessment. Factors characterizing regional bioeconomies were grouped in eight categories (summing a total of 67 key performance indicators): availability and use of resources, infrastructure and industrial factors, research and innovation, market/economic, transition towards bioeconomy, public and institutional support/governance/policy framework, funding and social and environmental aspects.  The set of indicators is meant to be easy to understand, use and support the bioeconomy situation in the region from very diverse points of view and needs.