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STAR4BBI Identification of technological trends in selected value chains

Standards play a crucial role in supporting the growth of the bio-based products market. They can help to increase market transparency by providing common reference methods and requirements that enable the verification of claims and certification regarding the bio-based content, biodegradability or environmental sustainability of different products. However, inadequate standards can also act as barriers for certain products. So, what are the current EU standards or other related issues that hamper the growth of bio-based products? STAR4BBI (“Developing standards for bio-based industries”) analysed these barriers and proposed actions towards overcoming these.

The STAR4BBI report Identification of technological trends in selected value chains presents the  results of an ex-ante analysis aiming to identify possible future technological developments, industry trends and innovations in selected value chains of the bio-based industries are presented. It aims at capturing the view of experts on anticipating future industry trends and innovations and identifying preliminary potential updates of the regulatory framework needed for supporting a full deployment of innovation potentials and therefore stimulating investments. CRISPR related technologies, techniques for the valorisation of lignin and furan-based chemistry resulted as the three most promising technologies/innovations and were defined by the experts as potential drivers of change for the future of the European bioeconomy.