BIOREGIO – Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams

BIOREGIO boosts bio-based circular economy through transfer of expertise about best available technologies and cooperation models.

  • improving knowledge related to circular economy of biological streams i.e. bio-based circular economy
  • increasing recycling rates of biological materials e.g. food waste/biowaste, municipal and industrial sludge and agricultural residues
  • transferring expertise about: a) cooperation models, e.g. ecosystems, networks, administrative cooperation,
    b) best available technologies, e.g. bio refinery, biogas production


  • joint development of policy instruments
  • defining best practices of bio-based circular economy: cooperation models and best available technologies
  • describing regional biological streams


  • regional stakeholder group meetings
  • interregional events: roundtable discussions, seminars and site visits
  • policy briefs, expert papers
  • regional dissemination events


  • six policy instruments will be improved: funding of new projects, improving the management of the instruments, influencing the strategic focus of the instruments
  • regions will be better equipped to implement new technologies and cooperation models in order to move towards bio-based circular economy
  • increasing professional capacity among stakeholders
  • raising public awareness of bio-based circular economy


A step-by-step approach of the transition towards circular economy, case Romania
Research aimed to develop a Romanian model of closing the loop of product lifecycles through recycling and reuse, for the
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BIOREGIO project influenced policy instruments in the Nitra Self-governing Region, Slovakia
BIOREGIO project influenced the Programme of Economic and Social Development of the Nitra Self-governing Region and Waste Management Programme in
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The Interreg Europe project BIOREGIO (2017-2021) boosts bio-based circular economy through transfer of expertise about best available technologies and cooperation
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Circular Economy Action Plan
This document is the Päijät-Häme Bio-based Circular Economy Action Plan for the PäijätHäme region in Finland, set up as a
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Policy Report on instruments to connect biological streams, research results and investors
In this report, the project partners have reviewed the instruments that are currently in use in their regions and have
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Regional road map towards circular economy
The process of creating a regional circular economy strategy together with stakeholders. Image gallery: Document: Item _ Interreg Europe_3
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Smart Specialisation Platforms for Agri-Food for the Region of Central Macedonia
The Region of Central Macedonia’s main strategy is the participation and co-creation in a number of S3P Agri-Food platforms. Image
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SUCCESS STORY: Sălacea Project-the First Step in the ZERO WASTE Certification Process
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Systemic Change in National and Regional Circular Economy Transition
In a circular economy, resource efficiency is maximised, and waste production is minimised in order to achieve a more sustainable
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