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BIOPEN perspective studies

BIOPEN aims to support collaboration and knowledge sharing in the bio-based industry and to stimulate the set-up of co-innovation partnerships for the development of new products and markets in the sector by setting up an open innovation platform capable to involve industries, research centres and universities.

The BIOPEN perspective studies is a collection of perspective studies on five bio-based value chains, covering: 1) Novel bio-polymers and oligomers for plastics (PEF, PA12), rubber, adhesives, additives, surfactants and peptides for feed applications, 2) Environmentally friendly coatings and packaging materials for food, beverages and flowers to obtain prolonged preservation and consumer protection, 3) Products and applications based on lignocellulosic feedstock, mainly wood: technical timber products with enhanced construction properties and base chemicals and building blocks for the chemical industry, 4) Drop-in and functionalized bio-aromatics: greening the conventional aromatics market and offering a portfolio of new applications, 5) Micro and macro algae for the production of specialty chemicals and high end value added products for dietary supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

Generic bio-based product/process value chains are conceptualised and the key enablers involved are defined. Each study follows the value chain from feedstock, it comments on the technologies and emphasizes on the market features. The document identifies weak points in the route for realizing these value chains, but also points to the strengths of EU and suggests measures and strategies to expedite the development of bio-based products at commercial scale.