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BE-Rural: Business models for regional bioeconomies

BE-Rural aims to realise the potential of regional and local bio-based economies by supporting relevant actors in the participatory development of bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps.

This BE-Rural report focusses on small-scale bioeconomy businesses that are suitable for rural areas and addresses the business opportunities of the BE-Rural target regions (Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, Vidzeme and Kurzeme in Latvia, Strumica in North Macedonia, Szczecin Lagoon and Vistula Lagoon in Poland, and Covasna in Romania). Four exemplary small-scale businesses were selected. These were analysed with the business model canvas (a tool for developing and analysing business models). Their suitability for the BE-Rural target regions was assessed and the economic, social and environmental impacts of each business were analysed.

RUBIZMO – Replicable business models for modern rural economies – Virtual Library

RUBIZMO will identify innovative business models with a significant potential to support modernisation and sustainable growth in rural economies, and relevant to the food sector, bio-based value chains and ecosystem services. Business models with the potential to contribute to the modernisation and sustainable growth of rural economies will be selected, packaged and classified according to their nature, comprising technologies, services, business support structures, financing mechanisms, etc.

The work in RUBIZMO will result in the series of practical, user-oriented tools.

The Virtual Library gathers a collection of inspiring rural business ideas from across Europe, to inspire and inform potential entrepreneurs about business opportunities. Each business idea is presented to better understand its background and success factors and to gather some tips from business owners to replicate success. Sectors covered present promising opportunities for rural economies: food, bio-based value chains, and ecosystem services.

Beta version: https://rubizmo.eu/business/virtual-library

RoadToBio – Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy – Action Plan

The Action Plan is the first entry point to the RoadToBio roadmap written for the chemical industry. It provides an overview of the key points of the roadmap and shows all identified barriers and recommended actions identified in the project for nine product groups  in which bio-based value chains already make up for a significant share, but can still be strengthened: adhesives, agrochemicals, cosmetics, lubricants, man-made fibres, paints and coatings,  plastics and/or polymers, solvents, and surfactants.

For these product groups the action plan provides:

  • description of current state and opportunities for bio-based products
  • overview scheme identifying drivers and barriers
  • chevron diagram showing the recommended actions for each barrier

For some wider issues that concern the chemical industry in the bioeconomy. referred to as general barriers, an overview is given and some recommended actions to overcome them are presented.