OPEN-BIO – Opening bio-based markets via standards, labelling and procurement

OPEN-BIO – Opening bio-based markets via standards, labelling and procurement

Application of standards, certification schemes and labels has positive long-term effects on the overall development of the European bio-based product market. Good product information that presents correct claims to industry and public procurers is vital for the usage of these new products. Ensuring the sustainable sourcing of raw materials and the effective bio-content are important additional steps for public confidence. Clear indication of their (comparative) functionality and the optimal possible end-of-life options, needs to underline their positive impact compared to the regular products. Finally, public acceptance comes with clear and harmonized labels on products and packages.

The work carried out by Open-Bio was quite diverse. A large part of the research was devoted to establishing and improving test methods for bio-based products; these concerned bio-based content, biodegradability under various conditions and improvement of functionality tests.  The project moved the proposed standards of KBBPPS forward and developed new ones, taking into consideration the ability to biodegrade in seawater, compostability and the possibility for conversion into biogas. The team developed standardised methods to help manufacture and substantiate claims about bio-based content and related product properties. Several Open-Bio methods were submitted to the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the International Standardisation Organization (ISO) Committee, with two being adopted already within the project time.

Project partners also approached consumer groups to determine their needs and demands. This information was used to develop a database system that provided relevant information about bio-based products to public procurement officers. Users of the database can find information concerning the bio-based content of products, plus their sustainability, functionality and end-of-of life aspects like biodegradability. These claims are substantiated by references to standards, technical sheets and labels. The database being the first port of call for those working in public procurement seeking reliable information about the range of bio-based products available on the European market was fed in the new INNPROBIO project, which specifically deals with public procurement of innovative bio-based products.

Consortium members worked with European research institutes and companies to explore the possibility of developing an ecolabel. Applied to bio-based products the label can boost consumer confidence and increase market demand. This would enable all properties and applications to be clearly communicated to the users of bio-based products.

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