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STAR4BBI Regulatory and Standardization needs in bio-based industries

Standards play a crucial role in supporting the growth of the bio-based products market. They can help to increase market transparency by providing common reference methods and requirements that enable the verification of claims and certification regarding the bio-based content, biodegradability or environmental sustainability of different products. However, inadequate standards can also act as barriers for certain products. So, what are the current EU standards or other related issues that hamper the growth of bio-based products? STAR4BBI (“Developing standards for bio-based industries.

Building on an earlier STAR4BBI project report (Identification of technological trends in selected value chains), the STAR4BBI report Regulatory and Standardization needs in bio-based industries (D3.2) provides an overview of the existing regulatory and standardization needs that should be overcome to support the development of a cutting-edge bioeconomy in Europe. It discusses experts’ suggestions and proposed actions.

Pilots4U Survey findings to understand industry needs and wants regarding open-access infrastructure

Pilots4U aimed to set up a network of open access pilot and multipurpose demo-infrastructures for the European bio-economy. Access to such open access infrastructures are the most cost-effective manner to support the deployment of industry-driven innovations in the bio-economy market.

This document discusses the findings of the online Pilots4U survey targeting bio-based industry representatives, including commercial manufacturers and technology developers, to understand their needs and wants when it comes to scaling-up a new bio-based process or product. . The survey was done to determine whether industry needs can be effectively addressed by existing open-access centres, or whether new interventions or initiatives are required.