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Deliverable D1.2: Mapping of relevant value chains and stakeholders

This report details the methodology employed in order to identify, select and map exemplary bio-based value chains for further analysis within the STAR-ProBio project.  In order to determine their strengths, weaknesses, costs and benefits, a long-list of bio-based value chains was subjected to a systematic review of their promise with regards to a two-tiered set of criteria.  Tier 1 covered analysis of feedstock variability, multi-regional supply chain, a variety of end-of-life options, gaps in sustainability schemes, EU preference feedstock, multi-sector application and potential for growth, and Tier 2 examined their relevance to target feedstock and technology preferences of EU-based bio-economy initiatives and other relevant sustainability schemes.  The final resulting 4 bio-based values chains were mapped fully at each supply chain stage for visualisation of system dynamics, interconnections, chain actors, employed conversion routes, and existing/potential end-of-life options. These maps are made available in the report.

BIOArt Gallery

The BIOArt Gallery is an online interactive slideshow with 60 stunning pictures of the most promising feedstock and its related bioeconomy applications in everyday life.

It offers an innovative approach of showcasing to the public some examples of bio-based products and applications currently available in the market through several examples: cosmetics, nutraceutics, tissues, toys and sport, disposable tableware, cleaning products, gadgets, and much more.

Visit the Gallery at: https://www.biovoices.eu/gallery/