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BE-Rural: Bioeconomy potential analysis

This BE-Rural report analyses the bioeconomy potential of the BE-Rural target regions based on the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) launched by the European Commission. The SAT is an online tool composed of two sets of questionnaires, one that identifies biomass from agriculture and forestry as alternative raw material, and another one that identifies waste to produce bio-based chemicals. The SAT is based on eight key factors: Long term, stability and availability of feedstock; infrastructure to handle feedstocks and production; access to finance; skilled workforce, technical expertise and training; existence of support institutions; strength and availability of regional markets; entrepreneurship; and public support policies.

Regions covered in the report include: Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, Vidzeme and Kurzeme in Latvia, Strumica in North Macedonia, Szczecin Lagoon and Vistula Lagoon in Poland, and Covasna in Romania.

RoadToBio – Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy: Regulatory Barriers

The goal of this study is to assess existing regulatory barriers that hinder the production and market uptake of bio-based chemicals and materials. This report synthesizes existing knowledge on hurdles and barriers for the bio-based economy and brings findings of earlier studies up to date according to new developments in legislation, with a focus on understanding why legislative barriers came to be.