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Preliminary report on European, National and Regional MML events

This deliverable (D6.1) is the Preliminary Report on the European, National and Regional MML events carried out in this reporting period by BIOVOICES. This document therefore offers the ‘preliminary insights’ collated from and based on Mobilisation and Mutual Learning approach applied in the MML events carried out until November 2019

Communication needs in the bio-based economy

This infographic aims to represent in an illustrative way the communication needs within the bio-based economy landscape, considering the findings and know-how gathered during the lifespan of the project. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to highlight relevant areas to focus on for the growth and further development of a solid bio-based economy in Europe.

A Bio-Based Day – Video

The promo videos, that will be produced in Biobridges, will serve as a tool to inform, promote and engage the three target categories of stakeholders of the Biobridges project.

The main idea behind the promo videos is to promote the bioeconomy with specific messages:

  • emphasise the potential positive impact in the consumers lives (societal, environmental, wellbeing, health) and
  • showcase the economical, sustainability, growth and employment opportunities for brands and industries.

In the first video, A Bio-Based Day, Biobridges is following a young lady during her bio-based day, from the wake up to the goodnight, discovering how bio-based products can substitute fossil-based ones in everyday’s lives. 

The video is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Slovak, Estonian and German.

Key steps to establishing a Digital Innovation Hub

ICT-BIOCHAIN has established two Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) focused on biomass supply-chains. 

These are the first of its kind DIHs for the bio-based sector, bringing together established Model Demonstrator Regions and linking biomass suppliers and bio-industry with digital technology experts and other multi-actors (agribusinesses, entrepreneurs, academia, local authorities) to leverage the opportunities of the “digital bioeconomy”.

Recommendations for Digital Innovation Hubs mobilisation

The ICT-BIOCHAIN project has held different events as a way to mobilise the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and engage stakeholders, making the most out of this initiative. 

These events and the best practices learned from them are presented next as a suggestion of potential activities to be conducted. 

Guide of best practices for cooperation between academia and industry based on success cases

Recommendations of good practices included in each chapter are briefly explain and record in cards showing examples of specific known cases where particular recommendation has been put in practice and also visual information about expected impact of the recommendation on the enhancement of University & Industry Cooperation, difficulty, costs, as well as personnel needs for its implementation and, estimated time for executing each practice. Agents necessary for its implementation are also indicated, in order provide easy access to companies, research groups and other innovation stakeholders a potential tailored action plan of implementation for designing a path of collaboration between the Industry and the scientific world.