RoadToBio – Roadmap for the Chemical Industry in Europe towards a Bioeconomy

The roadmap written for the chemical industry has the aspiration to show a way on how to increase the share of bio-based or renewable feedstock to 25% of total volume of organic chemicals raw materials/feedstock used by the chemical industry in 2030. This document is intended to provide an evidence-based foundation for the EU chemical industry upon which future policy can be implemented and actions delivered.

It describes the actions needed from all stakeholders (government and policy makers, funding bodies, NGOs, the chemical industry, academia, R&D centres, and commercial entities) to incentivise and facilitate the use of bio-based feedstocks and intermediates in the chemicals industry between now and 2030.

The roadmap aims to deliver a set of key messages and actions for each of the nine product groups in scope to achieve the overarching objectives, set out over time, showing interdependencies between them. Along with this, the roadmap will also focus on a set of general barriers that apply to the entire European chemicals industry, and actions that could be taken to address them.