Report on the use of isotopes

This concerns the development of complete bio-based content methodologies using stable isotopes and isoscapes.

The development of automation techniques for sample preparation and investigation into isotope measurement techniques for direct bio-based content analysis are included, while the sample preparation automation methodologies need to build upon the conclusions of the
assessment from KBBPPS. The assessment includes examples of the use for bio-solvents, bio-lubricants, bio-plastics and bio-surfactants. The original idea was to prepare an overview of all stable isotopes in relation to biomass and fossil content; stable isotope measurements
together with isoscapes could thus be used in order to define sustainability of bio-based products. As that appeared to be difficult, a database for feedstocks and products, with isotopes, fingerprint and sustainability aspects seemed neither interesting for the bio-based products’ market nor presenting additional value to the already existing information publicly available. The project partners felt that it should be a good follow-up to develop a more generic report on how the isotopes could be used.