Report on needs and challenges of SME companies in the bioeconomy in NW Europe

Lack of policies related to investment and demand in the bio-based products remain large barriers to small and medium-sized enterprises working in the bioeconomy in North-West Europe. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out as part of the BioBase4SME project in 2018. The project, co-financed by InterregNWE, aimed to support SMEs in the bioeconomy with funded technical and business services, as well as training.
For the survey, bioeconomy SMEs in six countries of North-West Europe were presented with a list of barriers and asked to rate them on how they impact their business development. The SMEs were asked to rate the barrier from 1 to 5, with 5 being a barrier actively preventing business development. The questions were the same as in a survey carried out in 2014 as part of a previous project, Bio Base NWE, also co-financed by InterregNWE. This allows the two surveys to be compared and offers an insight into the progress of the bioeconomy as well as the impact of
bioeconomy policy in NW Europe.