Performance characteristics for horizontal bio-based content standard – Round robin assessment results

This report presents the results of the round robin assessment that was held in order to test the procedure proposed for determination and validation of total bio-based content. The round robin assessment was initiated in the frameworks of the European Open-Bio project (

Determination of total bio-based content is closely related to the determination of total biobased carbon content. The latter is typically represented as a fraction of 14C to the total carbon content of a product. For the determination of the total bio-based carbon content, CEN/TS 16640 shall be followed. The procedure described in CEN/TS 16640 for the biobased carbon content determination has been proven by the results of a separate round robin assessment that were presented in Deliverable 3.1 of Open-Bio. It was concluded there that the 14C analysis can be done using well known LSC (Liquid Scintillation Counting) or AMS (Accelerated Mass Spectrometry) techniques. No inconsistencies were observed for
the results of the measurements when using AMS or LSC techniques.