Deliverable 3.1 – Operational relationship between analytical tools available in the framework

This document is part of WP 3 ‘Systems analysis protocols’ of the EU FP 7 SAT-BBE project: Systems Analysis Tools Framework for the EU Bio-Based Economy Strategy.

The objective of this deliverable is to lay out the operational relationship between the various modelling tools that will support the analysis of the knowledge-based bioeconomy.

The essential elements that are needed to describe the evolution of the bioeconomy have already been laid out in the previous deliverables of the project – but this work package component will make the possible nature of the linkages between them more concrete and specific to the various modelling tools that are used within the research consortium. By describing the operational relationships between the analytical components, the possible methods for linkage, and the challenges that are faced in carrying this out – we will lay the groundwork for the actual design and implementation of a workable set of protocols.

This exercise will also serve to highlight the many complex interactions that are considered in the systems analysis tools framework developed in this project.