Deliverable 2.4 – Toolkit for a Systems Analysis Framework of the EU Bioeconomy

This document is based on the contribution of all project partners. It especially builds forward on the three interim project deliverables in Work Package 2. Myrna van Leeuwen, Hans van Meijl and Edward Smeets of LEI Wageningen UR are the editors of this report. Researchers who contributed are Peter Verburg and Marleen Schouten (VUA), Stefan Bringezu and Meghan O’ Brien (WI), Hannes Böttcher and Hugo Valin (IIASA), Yannis Tsiropoulos (UU), Lauri Hetemäki, Marcus Lindner and Alexander Moiseyev (EFI), Franziska Junker and Ralf Döring (TI), and Siwa Msangi (IFPRI).