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BIOPEN is the European Open-innovation Platform that will help your companies. Support action include matchmaking among project ideas and stakeholders for joint development, funding opportunities, sharing of information and offering a semantic search engine to perform searches over millions of patents, scientific papers. Discover what BIOPEN can offer and join the BIOPEN community today!

BioCannDo online portal AllThings.Bio

BioCannDo aimed to increase awareness of bio-based products – products partly or wholly made of biomass –  and informed about potential and long-term benefits of a vibrant bioeconomy sector to the wider public. It also offered a platform for feedback, interaction and engagement in the wider discussion on the value of a bio-based economy.

The BioCannDo online portal and information hub contains the legacy of the BioCannDo project. It aggregates the different social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) used and communication formats/tools developed (including journalistic articles, web videos, storytelling resources, popular science quizzes, “facts or myths” and problem solving posts, et cetera).

Also provides access to four factsheets with Key Messages and four interactive storytelling kits. The sets contain in both cases a generic introduction and three product-specific items (addressing bio-based cleaning products, insulation materials & food packaging).

Coaching Activities

The Enabling Coaching Activities, available through an online simple questionnaire provided via the website, will support biomass producers or the BBP industry for the uptake of emerging best practices and help the applicants figure out more details about the bio-economy and its component. The applicant can ask about biomass, bio-based products, innovation & technologies, scientific papers, EU and national laws, and much more.

Best Practices Atlas

In ENABLING we collect best BBP (Bio based Products and Processes) practices, from inside and outside Europe, that are wholly or partly transferable to other regions, or serve as an inspiration for partners in the value chain. An interactive web based tool will provide easy to find information on the best practices identified.


BIOArt Gallery

The BIOArt Gallery is an online interactive slideshow with 60 stunning pictures of the most promising feedstock and its related bioeconomy applications in everyday life.

It offers an innovative approach of showcasing to the public some examples of bio-based products and applications currently available in the market through several examples: cosmetics, nutraceutics, tissues, toys and sport, disposable tableware, cleaning products, gadgets, and much more.

Visit the Gallery at:


The BIOVOICES Platform is a virtual space for research, business, policy makers and civil society to meet, promote events and discover latest news on bioeconomy:

You can also search for the subscribed bioeconomy stakeholders via an interactive Map: