BISO – Support to Policies – Set Up of a Bioeconomy Observatory (BISO project: Bioeconomy Information System and Observatory)

On 13 February 2012, the European Commission adopted a strategy for “Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a bioeconomy for Europe” (COM(2012)60). The Communication presents a Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan whose goal is to emphasise the importance of the bioeconomy for Europe.

Item 6 in the Bioeconomy Action Plan foresees the establishment of a Bioeconomy Observatory as follows: “Establish a Bioeconomy Observatory in close collaboration with existing information systems that allows the Commission to regularly assess the progress and impact of the bioeconomy and develop forward-looking and modelling tools.”

Indeed today there is not yet an integrated monitoring tool that would embrace the bioeconomy in all its dimensions and would be able to analyse the complex relationships across the various bioeconomy sectors (as well as with the “non-bioeconomy” sectors). The design of such a monitoring tool should allow addressing the whole bioeconomy across its sectors, their functioning, their interaction as well as the dynamics of their development.

The present proposal aims to create such a monitoring tool through the set up of the Bioeconomy Observatory mentioned in the Bioeconomy Action Plan (observatory described in the text below as the Bioeconomy Information System and Observatory: BISO). This Information System will bring together and align data, indicators, modelling and forward-looking tools to regularly assess the progress and impact of the bioeconomy.

The mission of the Bioeconomy Observatory will be to function as an integrated information source on the bioeconomy, providing a solid decision-making basis for policy development.
The Bioeconomy Observatory will provide regular data and analysis for policy makers and stakeholders to monitor the development of the bioeconomy in order to support the implementation of the bioeconomy Strategy.


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