BIOREG D2.4 recommendations to industry stakeholders

Deliverable 2.4 Recommendations to industry is a document that brings out relevant lessons regarding technical aspects in order to share them industrials from the regions of Normandie (France), Alentejo and Lisboa (Portugal) and Lubelskie (Poland), yet they can be useful to any European region, especially Eastern European countries.

The recommendations proposed mainly concern the wood waste preparation stage which is crucial in the value chain. Wood waste preparation has been relatively straightforward so far but is changing rapidly with increasing demand for wood waste. In fact, in order to valorize the resource, industrials have to respond to the increasingly strong and different constraints according to buyers (thresholds in pollutants, percentage of fine particles, size of the grinds more or less large, absence of MDF, etc.). To stand out, they develop preparation strategies and techniques to maintain a competitive edge. Thus, for some years, the preparation lines are more and more complex and include increasingly sophisticated equipment (optical sorting, aeraulic sorting, screen “3 fractions”, flip flop screen, suitable mixtures, dust collection, etc.).

Deliverable 2.4 presents recommendations which may be of a rather general nature for industrials who already have extensive knowledge in this field, but may be particularly useful to waste professionals who plan to treat this type of waste, or those in certain regions (recipient regions of Bioreg or Eastern European regions) where there is not yet the knowledge already acquired in the so-called model regions.