Biobridges’ value chain collaboration challenges model

Biobridges developed the “Value chain collaboration challenges model” aiming to visualise the identified challenges, which are framed based on:

1. Challenges inside the value chain (Feedstock suppliers > Industry & Clusters > Market > Consumers) and outside the value chain (supporting environment), which is also essential to support the bio-based market, composed by:

  • Research: providing innovative solutions
  • Policy: providing supportive legislation and incentives

2. Challenges between certain stakeholders in the value chain “problem owners”.

3. Stakeholders to be involved in addressing the challenge “potential collaborators”.

The aim of the model is to offer a practical ‘tool’ that can be used during the co-creation workshops to provide a conceptual mapping of the discussion, enabling an easy-to-see visualisation of the challenges, and at the same time, to narrow the discussion on certain challenges based on the scope of each workshop.